Fall Protection

Train the Trainer

Fall Protection

Train the Trainer

Master Fall Protection Train the Trainer Course for Your Own In-House Expert

This fall protection train the trainer course is an interactive training program between students and Safety One instructors regarding the theories of setting up field training that is both safe and compliant with industry regulations.




Building on the Standard and Advanced Safety & Rescue Certifications, this is the final day of the Train the Trainer Certification Course.


Students will gain the technical knowledge, skills, tools, and support that they need to be an effective fall protection trainer.


You will learn to communicate classroom theory concepts and conduct hands-on equipment specific safety training, testing, and evaluation under controlled conditions.


Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive the Safety One Certification and will be able to:

  • Teach students to properly inspect and use fall protection equipment
  • Effectively communicate fall protection techniques/regulations/etc. related to course material
  • Set up various types of safety systems for training
  • Adapt when different scenarios arise in the field

COURSE DURATION: One Day (8 hours)

CLASS SIZE: Maximum 8 (1 Instructor)



This course teaches the theory and techniques of:

  • Site Inspections, and Knowledge of Fall Protection Equipment
  • Effective Communication with Students, and Course Development



This Fall Protection Train the Trainer course is designed for in-house personnel who are responsible for providing fall protection training or wishes to acquire the technical knowledge needed to train others on fall protection, i.e.

  • Supervisory personnel and Experienced Climbers
  • Safety managers
  • Etc.


OSHA requires workers on towers and similar elevated structures to have fall protection and rescue training.



Students must have a current Standard Fall Protection Safety & Rescue Certification and Advanced Fall Protection Safety & Rescue Certification issued from Safety One Training International, Inc.


Students must also sign a training agreement with Safety One Training International, Inc.




This course meets the requirements of OSHA Regulation.


A substantial portion of the Standard Fall Protection Safety & Rescue Certification training covers OSHA certification topics such as

  • OSHA 1910 and 1926 fall protection requirements
  • The basic physics and forces in rigging and falls
  • Proper Personal protective equipment
  • Fall protection concepts and specific safety equipment
  • Maintaining proper attachment in various situations
  • Proper documentation
  • Solo and small group rescue deployment options



ANSI/ASSE Z359 and Z490.1



N.A.T.E. (National Association of Tower Erectors),

Black and Veatch,

Bechtel, General Dynamics,

SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians).




Classroom Training


General discussion of adult learning as it applies to fall protection and tower climbing operations.


Expectations for the course will be set and students will be allowed time to prepare for their field examinations.

Site Inspections: Is it safe for training?

  • Recognized hazards: Electrical, RF/EM radiation, dishes, antennas, fences, wildlife, insects, weather, experience, capabilities, limitations, expectations, and interviews

Students: Who is my audience?

Equipment: What do I have to work with?

  • Personal equipment vs. company equipment
  • Life safety equipment vs. utility equipment
  • Inspections

Developing an Agenda

  • Guidelines for developing training schedules
  • Achieving goals with guidelines


Field Training


Students will conduct a training session guided by the Safety One Training Instructors.


This will be an interactive class designed to evaluate and educate under various scenarios that students are given.


Students must demonstrate competency in situational awareness as it applies to conducting training at height. Students will demonstrate ability to:

Start the Session

  • Set expectations
  • Conduct and document a job briefing
  • Equipment inspections

Maintain class control and monitor safety systems at all times

  • Use of equipment and proper fit
  • Properly rated rescue systems, lifelines, belay systems, connections and anchors
  • Establish communication between students and instructors
  • Maintaining proper pace to match student needs and abilities

Course Content

  • What must be covered in the curriculum?
  • How to manage time


  • Final thoughts, comments, or concerns
  • Review of the session and critique from instructors and peers
  • Handout of training materials and certificates



Students will receive the Safety One Fall Protection Train the Trainer Student Manual and other materials necessary for the course.


Student trainers will also receive training materials to use at their company including power point presentations, videos, inspection sheets and additional items.


Student trainers can also purchase company certifications and student manuals through Safety One Training to conduct in-house sessions at their company throughout their valid training certification cycle.




The Train-the-Trainer program was a great turnkey solution to getting our organization compliant. Additionally, the exercises we performed in class greatly helped improve my skillset as a trainer – I will definitely use these techniques in our program!


Fill out the class inquiry form below or call us at 1.800.485.7669 for more information.

We Also Bring the Course to You


For companies that have five or more employees that need safety certification, Safety One offers all open enrollment courses and customized fall protection trainings at the client’s site.


By tailoring a training course to your site and your staff, we are able to address specific issues unique to your business needs and resolve fall protection hazards in and around your facility.


In addition, there is cost savings by reducing employee down time.