Safety One Cold Weather Training

Taught by the most respected experts in the industry with years of experience in handling those situations.

This training program was developed to provide students with the information and practical skills necessary to survive an emergency in extreme cold weather conditions, or when emergency services are not a simple call away.


This is the most comprehensive and practical winter survival training in America, topics include: journey planningcommunication protocolsgear and tool selection and proper usage, cold injury prevention, emergency procedure, and survival priorities.




This is the most comprehensive and practical Cold Weather Safety Training in America. It was designed to provide the emergency skills and knowledge to professionals including military personnel who work in remote areas or extreme cold weather environments.

This program covers the most essential aspects of emergency procedure and survival priorities. Upon successful completion of the Cold Weather Safety Training, students will receive the Safety One Certification and will be able to:

  • Inspect and select gear/clothing for snow and extreme cold weather conditions
  • Effectively plan travel arrangements and land navigation
  • Build cold weather shelters, and make fire in even frigid conditions
  • Recognize, prevent, and respond to frostbite, hypothermia, and other cold weather injuries
  • and more…



One Day (8 hours) for lecture only

Two Days (16 hours) including field practice

CLASS SIZE: Maximum 8 (1 Instructor)



Students will receive the most current Safety One Winter Survival manual and other materials necessary for the course.



This course is designed to provide the practical emergency skills and comprehensive knowledge for students who work in remote areas or cold weather environments, i.e.

  • Snowcat operators
  • Winter truck drivers
  • Lineman and radio technicians
  • Remote site industrial workers

OSHA requires that employers take necessary steps to train workers entering cold environments about cold induced injuries and illnesses.



Must have physical and mental aptitude to practice skills in winter environments.




This course meets the requirements of the OSHA Regulation and requirements as summarized below:

  • Recognize the environmental and workplace conditions that may be dangerous.
  • Learn the signs and symptoms of cold-induced illnesses and injuries and what to do to help workers.
  • Train workers about cold-induced illnesses and injuries.


Encourage workers to wear proper clothing for cold, wet and windy conditions, including layers that can be adjusted to changing conditions.


Employers must certify that appropriate training has been received and maintained for each employee whose job interfaces with a snowcat or cold weather environment.
Section 5a1 General Duty Clause, Cold Stress Equation, Weather Ready Nation program



ANSI Z490.1




The Snowcat and Survival Training was eye opening. In the past we just hauled a** up the hill. Now we take the right precautions to survive a few nights out in extreme conditions. The Safety One instructors were very helpful and shared true life experiences. My fellow employees who have not yet taken this course will be doing so early next year.


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We Also Bring the Course to You


For companies that have five or more employees that need Cold Weather Safety Training, Safety One can offer all open enrollment courses and customized the training program at the client’s site.


By tailoring a training course to your site, equipment, and your staff, we are able to develop a comprehensive training plan to address specific issues unique to your business needs.


Plus, there is a cost saving benefit by reducing employees’ travel time and expenses.