Snaphook Recall Revisited

Snaphook Recall Revisited

You may remember, back in February we posted a blog about a snaphook recall, which you can see here.

Yoke Snaphooks

Recently here at Safety One Training we had a student come through our Standard Tower Safety & Rescue training course with a product that was part of this previous recall. Please double check that all of your techs have inspected all of their snap hooks on ALL of their climbing and safety equipment. The products affected are from many manufacturers. Yoke builds the snap hooks that are part of many fall arrest and positioning lanyards. Please see this link for inspection criteria and how to proceed if you find a problem.

Safety is no accident.

Want to learn proper inspection criteria and how to build the most trustworthy crews in the tower industries? Contact Safety One Training.

Be Safe – Train Safe!

Brian Bourquin


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