Harnesses for Women

Harnesses for Women

One Size Fits All?

Face it – we are not all the same. Tall, not so tall, skinny, not so skinny, men, women…Some companies try to buy the same brand of climbing harness for all workers. With the various sizes and shapes of tower climbers,  this is not a good approach. Despite the various adjustments and sizes available, some manufacturers simply do not fit certain body types as well as others.  This is one reason why we maintain a cross section of many different harnesses at our inddor training facility. Our students are given the chance to evaluate for themselves what fits them the best.

Just for Women?

More frequently we see women students come through our training. Considering it is a male dominated industry,  the gear and equipment is not manufactured with the female body in mind. Searching for a comfortable and high quality harness that fits you physically as well as within your budget is quite the challenge.

Our friends and neighbors over at Rope & Rescue recently wrote a helpful blog post about this and thought we would pass it along:

Best Fitting Harnesses for Women

Stay Warm and Dry!

Kevin Carter

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