Vendor Spotlight: Safety Rat

Vendor Spotlight: Safety Rat

But let’s face it, for many people safety is a rather dry subject, boring, with the same old song and dance messages. From slogans to stickers, much of what you see was essentially the same as what your dad may have seen years ago.

But it does not have to be. We take pride in our training, and our approach to safety. We try to be different, engaging, entertaining as well as instructional and informative. A difficult path, but valuable for the message to be heard.

When we come across other companies who attempt to do the same, we take notice. One of these I recently came across was Safety Rat, who take the safety message with a new twist, graphics with a message that stands out as different from what you normally see.

Safety Rat Logo


Their website says:

Above all, we are about adding value to a very important goal: elevating the safety culture in your workplace. Safety Rat does this through highly visible, everyday reminders of workplace hazards. Our warnings and signs are designed with your work site in mind. Just as important, they’re designed to stand out and grab attention. That’s why our remarkable warnings play a big part in reducing accidents and promoting safe practices. Our clients tell us that our signs are powerful, clear and eye-opening. They make your safety message clear.

Check out their website, and see what you think.

Be Safe!

Kevin Carter

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