SURVEY REQUEST From The Hubble Foundation

SURVEY REQUEST From The Hubble Foundation

Dr. Bridgette Hester of Hubble Foundation is conducting academic research for the telecommunications industry.  The proposed study will evaluate telecommunication technician perception of safety as a result of proper climbing equipment utilized in job completion, the use of climbing equipment as a function of a climber’s perception of fall risk, the mental health and personality characteristics of climbers, and the technician’s perception of the contracting/subcontracting paradigm as a function of technician safety.  Identifying technician perceptions and realities of the workplace environment could potentially enhance climber safety, fall prevention, industry policies, technician training, and public safety in the workplace. 

Please email [email protected] if interested in filling out the survey.  It is about 230 questions long, but only takes about an hour to complete. ALL information is confidential and no names are retained from the survey!

Please, take the time to answer Bridget’s call for help here. Feedback from the people who perform this dangerous job is vital in the effort to make it safer.

Kevin Carter

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