Snowcat Training Dates Released for 2014/2015

Snowcat Training Dates Released for 2014/2015

Our 2014/2015 training schedule for snowcat & winter survival courses in now available – Check it out here! We have classes in CO, CA and UT with more potentially being added, and dates announced for snowmobile, ice driving and winter survival lecture only as well!

If you have a new snowcat or new operators and need training to comply with OSHA, check out our four day Snowcat Operator Certification course.

Already certified? We have improved on the normal refresher course to expand and improve your operator skill set. With the new and improved Snowcat Skills Enhancement & Recertification Course, we even include a bit of night driving and scenario based rescue exercises.

Custom Snowcat,  Snowmobile & Winter Survival  Training

Need custom courses built around your specific snowcat and requirements? We can do it! Need some help with your ice driving and trailering issues? We can help! What about snowmobile training for your employees who use these unique machines to access remote sites? Training is required for employees and demands more than OJT training. Call us and discuss your issues and see what we can do for you.


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