Climber Safety & Rescue Course: Hosted by Sterling Rope!

Climber Safety & Rescue Course: Hosted by Sterling Rope!

Most of you know, we do not sell gear. We avoid the implications of any unethical recommendations and remain vendor neutral. Still, we form strong relationships with many manufacturers as test beds for their products. Not only do our customers appreciate our unbiased viewpoint, so do they.

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One of these is Sterling Rope,  a manufacturer of life safety rope, cord, and hardware. Made in the USA…

, Sterling develops products for use in climbing, rope rescue, arbor, guiding, industrial safety, work access and OEM markets. According to their website, they focus on product development  and their R&D, engineering and quality control are scrutinized at every juncture to ensure compliance with standards throughout the world, including NFPA, ISO and EN. They also say they are one of the few companies that still believe in personally hand-checking our product before it is bagged and shipped. Each rope, no matter the diameter or length, runs through the hands of a real person to ensure that it meets their standards.

Sterling Rope Training Area

With their dedication to safety and a need for training from clients on the east coast, they have graciously extended an invitation to host a training course at their facility near Portland Maine. To be held on October 21, this is our one day Standard Tower Safety & rescue Certification course.

Contact us for more details or to register at 1-800-485-7669 or [email protected]

Sterling Rope Building HQ

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