Spotlight: Rosenberger Site Solutions

Spotlight: Rosenberger Site Solutions

Rosenberger Site Solutions, LLC

We often have conversations with manufacturers, distributors and gear vendors about the industry and safety at height.  When schedules permit, we are able to include some of these people in our classes so they can see first hand the quality and expertise of our training and instructors.

Recently, Vanessa Carr from Rosenberger Site Solutions attended our Standard Climbing Safety & Rescue Certification course.  Rosenberger Site Solutions is growing rapidly in the communication equipment space, providing mobile communications cables, coaxial connectors, antennas, fiber optics,  test & measurement equipment and more. After the training, and realizing that we could do with a bracket to  attach some bits to the tower. They were kind enough to work with us to provide some, and it is very much appreciated!

Rosenberger Site Solutions LLC Vanessa Carr

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