Available Hagglunds BV206 and Parts

Available Hagglunds BV206 and Parts

Hagglunds BV206 Hagglunds BV206 Hagglunds BV206

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We also have tracks, bogey wheels, sprockets and almost every other part for these vehicles. 

We have the largest inventory of in-stock Hagglunds parts in the world!


1990 Hagglunds BV206

2715 KM – Excellent Condition


Where the road ends….The BV begins!

Fast! Comfortable! Reliable! This machine is the ultimate in safety for cruising over snow or highway comfortably at 35 MPH. This 17-passenger unit has a 5 cylinder diesel engine and automatic transmission ideal for touring or large family fun! The tracks are in A+ condition. The vehicle is the premier deep powder rescue vehicle in the USA. The Hagglunds BV 206 All Terrain Vehicle is superbly engineered for snow, streams, rock surfaces, deep water and most any conditions. The unit is even fully amphibious without extra preparation and is operational in more diverse environments than any other tracked vehicle. The Hagglunds BV206 trim body, barely exceeding six feet wide and measures less than eight feet tall, its rubber tracks are gentle on tundra and soft dirt, thus minimizing the destruction of vegetation. The rubber tracks also allow the vehicle to travel on pavement without the typical wear and tear associated with steel tracks. Optional training, accessories and spare parts are available as well.  Perfect for back country touring or rescue operations.


All-Terrain! Operational in more diverse environments than any other tracked vehicle!


Fast! Great performance even at speeds up to 35 mph!


Comfortable & Quiet! The rubber tracks deliver a low vibration and quiet ride!


Mechanically Simple & Reliable Workhorse! Easy to operate – simple to maintain! Developed and tested to withstand harsh military and remote specifications.


Environmentally Friendly!  Trim body and rubber tracks are gentle on tundra, pavement, and soft dirt.


Search, Rescue & Recovery – The BV 206 is the premier rescue & recovery vehicle.


Touring – If there’s a need to transport up to 17 passengers comfortably, on roadways or trail systems, the BV 206 is an excellent choice!


Transportation – Whether a utility, a corporation or a private company, with over a two-ton load capacity (up to 4,400 lbs.), the unit is excellent for carrying cargo.  When companies around the world need to move crews and equipment quickly in areas from the frozen arctic oil exploration camps to remote mine sites in the jungles of South America they come to Safety One for Hagglunds BV206 units to meet their needs.

We are the largest distributor of Hagglunds BV 206 vehicles and tracks in North and South America, and over the past 25 years Safety One International, Inc. has provided unique tracked vehicles for a variety of industries.  Personnel transport over varied terrain in different seasonal extremes can cause a variety of conditions including mud, deep snow, rock, loose dirt, gravel etc. Many people and organizations are looking for improved methods of personnel transport, both in terms of number of people per vehicle and rate of speed.

Fortunately, this issue was solved many years ago by a Swedish company named Hagglunds. Manufacturing over 10,000 of the unique Hagglunds BV206 All Terrain Tracked vehicles, thousands are still in operation throughout the world in numerous military organizations. This includes the US National Guard, the US Army and US Marines, from Alaska to Afghanistan. While few civilians and private corporations even know of these unique vehicles, their ability to move up to 17 people at speeds of up to 35MPH puts it in select company. In addition civilians who are lucky enough to discover one of these unique machines in excellent condition outside of the United States are shocked when they discover they cannot import them into the United States without special government clearances and permits.  Once inside the United States they may be sold freely to any other US citizen. There is truly no other machine like it in the world and we are pleased to offer them to you on a limited basis. They are fully amphibious and have a fiberglass composite hull to resist corrosion. The all rubber track system on these units provides an extremely low ground pressure and does very minimal damage to delicate vegetation it must cross over. The track imprint is so minimal that this is one of the few units that have been approved by the government of Alaska for 3 season use on delicate arctic tundra.

Call Kevin Carter today, 800-485-7669, to discuss your private viewing of one of these vehicles.

We stock a full line of Hagglunds spare parts so that if you are the lucky purchaser of this unit you can be assured of the parts to keep it running smoothly for many years to come!

We have been providing tracked vehicles and operator training for over 25 years . Our clients include every Department of the US Government including all branches of the military as well as the majority of the US Fortune 1000 companies with tracked vehicle operations. Our clients also include the governments and major corporations of Denmark, Ecuador, Iceland, England, China, Japan, Norway, Greenland and Finland among others.

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  • Rick Besso
    Posted at 04:42h, 07 January Reply

    I am looking to purchase a unit for tourism work on the south coast of west Australia can you give me an indication of cost US$ per unit.


  • Allen Pribyl
    Posted at 15:50h, 30 April Reply

    What kind of price does this BV go for?

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