Training & Regulations for Canada and CCOHS

Training & Regulations for Canada and CCOHS

Recently we have received many inquiries about our training and how we meet or exceed different standard and regulations, especially when it comes to Canada and the Canadian Center for Occupational Health & Safety.

Canadian Center for Occupational Health & Safety

We have trained employees in Canada many times over recent years and many clients ask; Do you train to Canadian standards?  Our experience has been depending on the area and company structure often times we are required to train to different standards.  Our goal is always using the safest and most efficient and field proven techniques, but we also look to several standards and regulations when developing and delivering training including but not limited to: CCOHS, OSHA, ANSI, CSA, NFPA, SPRAT, IRATA and more.  We also make it a point for custom applications to consult with the client first and decide where emphasis is needed to help various companies succeed in their goals.

Be Safe – Climb Careful!

Todd Horning

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