Passing the Exam – Certified Utility Safety Professional

Passing the Exam – Certified Utility Safety Professional

Incident Prevention Magazine

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Catching up on my reading this morning, I finally caught the August issue of Incident Prevention magazine. Always full of valuable information, Carla Housh and her staff continue to put out a worthwhile publication.

One particular article regarding the Certified Utility Safety Professional exam caught my eye because I have met Danny Raines the author and his picture is featured on the first page . The Utility Safety & Ops Leadership Network’s Certified Utility Safety Professional exam is recognized within the utility community as a benchmark for safety leadership. It can be a reliable means for employers to identify safety professionals with the skills required to be capable safety leaders and reliable workplace safety resources.We held one of these CUSP exam review sessions a year ago, and I was very impressed with Danny and the  CUSP attempts to elevate the standards of safety in the industry. Within the article, they discuss Consensus Standards and the fact that this is one area that CUSP Candidates routinely have problems with.

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Consensus Standards

…analysis shows that a large number of candidates don’t spend time reading the consensus standards, which are listed by OSHA in 29 CFR 1910.6. Why are consensus standards important? As OSHA states in 1910.6(a)(1),……Read More

This is an information filled trade publication, and I love to see Carla and her team keeping up with their concern for the safety of the industry!

Be Safe!

Kevin Carter

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