Vendor Spotlight & Product Review

Vendor Spotlight & Product Review

Vendor: T.A. Pelsue Company

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Since 1963, the T.A. Pelsue Company has designed and manufactured high-quality equipment to improve the personnel efficiency and working conditions in various underground, confined and outdoor areas. We specialize in safety, retrieval, fall arrest, ventilation, cable placing, splicing, and maintenance nationally and abroad. With more than 50,000 square feet of facilities,  Pelsue provides a range of safety and construction products for Homeland Security, CATV, Electric, Gas, Water, Sewer, and Industrial facilities.


Product: Pelsue Rescue Tripod and Personnel Hoist

Model #’s:

Tripod- RT07

Hoist- PHT07C

Pelsue Tripod Pelsue Tripod With Dummy Pelsue Tripod With Dummy 2


I recently had a chance to test the Pelsue Rescue Tripod and Personnel Hoist, generously donated to our training facility by Pelsue.  While using the device with a dummy as well as a real person, there were some features that stood out as being very useful.

  • The maximum height clearance of about 7 feet is a considerable advantage when trying to perform a rescue with the patient in the vertical position.
  • Being able to mount the rescue hoist in multiple positions on the tripod leg provides options in the rare case when limited space is available when placing the tripod legs.
  • The use of speed knobs and quick-release pins minimizes lost parts and makes the setup process much easier and therefor faster, which is always a consideration when performing a rescue.

A suggestion for the manufacturer: The pointed toe on the tripod feet which could be longer to enable a more stable footing.  When trying to use the pointed feet in dirt, the bottoms of the legs can hit the dirt before the points of the feet have enough room to dig in.

Still, all in all a great product to use in our confined space training! 


Nick Bassarab



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